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Real Estate: Custom Workflow Mastery

Revolutionizing real estate operations with intelligent process automation, BP3's Credit Workflow Tool enhances control and efficiency. Explore the transformative journey in this insightful post.

Navigating Success in Cruise Operations

Article on navigating success in cruise operations. Using AI to modernize cruise operations for seamless efficiency and robust growth. Contact BP3 for help

Postal Precision: Tracking Transformed

Modernizing national postal tracking with IBM tech for faster, accurate updates and enhanced customer satisfaction. For more information contact BP3 Global

Cloud Leap for Healthcare Efficiency

Optimizing legacy healthcare systems with AWS for streamlined efficiency. BP3 transformed a client's outdated system into a cloud-based solution, enhancing agility and scalability.

Campus Safety Reimagined

Campus Safety Reimagined: Revolutionizing university security with a smart, strategic technology overhaul. Contact BP3 for more information.

Efficiency Through Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) implementation reduced the invoice handling time by 5-10 minutes per invoice, driving efficiency & saving time.

Strategic Roadmapping in Legal Tech

A 'Now, Next, Later' roadmap strategy enhances product delivery and stakeholder alignment for a legal solutions firm. For more on LegalTech, contact BP3

Real Estate Process Reimagined

RPA transforms commercial real estate's construction draw process for improved efficiency and focus on high-ROI tasks. For help, contact BP3 Global.

Pharmacy Workflow Revolution

Centralized AI optimization reduces wait times and costs in pharmacy workflow operations, revolutionizing customer and staff experience.

Workflow Migration Success For A Global Bank

Discover how a global bank saved over $1M through successful Workload Automation Workflow Migration. Dive into the journey of innovation and process optimization in the banking industry.

AI-Powered Efficiency in Insurance

AI-powered efficiency in insurance with 650+ automation technologies for streamlined customer service and operational agility.

Promo Power: Quick Coupon Control

Transforming promo management for rapid deployment & market agility. Contact BP3 for help with transforming your business with Robotic Process Automation

Optimizing Configuration with AI

Article on optimizing configuration with AI: Elevating manufacturing through AI-driven configuration for precision and efficiency. Contact BP3 for help

Fast Food Efficiency Leap

Fast food efficiency leap: IBM ODM revolutionizes fast food chain's KPI management, slashing update times and enhancing decision-making.

Revolutionizing REIT Compliance

Revolutionizing REIT compliance: Intelligent Automation streamlined the compliance testing process, saving time with enhancing accuracy and reporting.

Conversational AI: A Comprehensive Dive

Unlock the potential of conversational AI with our expert guide to stay ahead in your field, streamline processes, and elevate user experiences.

How to Automate Your CI/CD Pipeline

Learn to automate your CI/CD pipeline, implement best practices, and embrace continuous improvement for streamlined development. Contact BP3 for more info.

5 Best Practices in RPA Implementation

Discover the best practices for successful RPA implementation and unlock a significant competitive advantage through long-term business transformation.

The Ins and Outs of Process Mining

Process mining allows your business to look for ways to innovate using data on your current systems. Learn how it works here. Contact BP3 for help.

Key Barriers to Interoperability

Key Barriers to Interoperability: Explore the challenges to EHR interoperability, including technological gaps & data exchange capabilities in healthcare.

DevOps with Joe Warner

If you want to go faster - you need great DevOps. Contact BP3 for help with transforming your business with Robotic Process Automation

Why You Need an RPA Bot Delivery Template

If you have a Robotic Process Automation project delivery coming up, you need a bot delivery template. Why? We have the answers! Contact BP3 for help.

Tuesdays with Tom - Data Extractors

For Data Extractors for Intelligent Document Processing, you need several. With BP3 Sherpa, & AWS-Powered IDP pipelines, we've created three basic types

Tuesdays with Tom - About Sherpa

Sherpa is BP3’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution. Sherpa combines process, AI, machine learning & natural language processing.

Three Market Trends with Automation

Discover three market trends in automation that are revolutionizing the industry. Dive into the future of automation in this insightful blog post.

Innovation vs. Transformation

David cuts to the chase on the practices that make sense for transformation vs. innovation. Contact BP3 for more information and how we can help.

Video: What to Automate

In this 2018 video, Julie gives us a sense of good use cases for automation BP3 Global, Inc. Contact BP3 for more information on how we can hep you

When do you use RPA bots?

The article gives some pointers about when to use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots, whether mechanical or cognitive. Contact BP3 to find out how.

AI is Not a Thing - It is Many Things

Unlocking the true potential of AI requires understanding its multifaceted nature. Discover the diverse skills and applications that make up AI with BP3

Neil Ward-Dutton on AI and Ethics

What good is artificial intelligence if there isn't an ethical framework? Contact BP3 for help with transforming your business with AI Automation

What's Intelligent Automation

Encapsulate AI or Machine Learning in its own layer or component, & you encapsulate the process or automation into its own layer (or component). BP3 Global

Getting Started: RPA Discovery

Article on getting started with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Contact BP3 for help with transforming your business with Robotic Process Automation

Attended vs. Unattended

Article on how Attended vs. Unattended is much like the difference between Remote Desktop Automation (RDA) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

From the Video Vault: RPA Use Cases

In December 2018, we had our CEO, Scott Francis, sit down and talk with Krista White about RPA business use cases. BP3 Global, Inc.

Video: A Process Automation Story

Discover the power of process transformation in delivering exceptional customer experiences. Contact BP3 for help with transforming your customer services

Neil Ward-Dutton On the No-Code Cycle

In a recent video on his YouTube channel, Neil Ward Dutton discusses the “cyclical” nature of no-code or low-code. Contact BP3 Global on how to do this.

Combination Plays: Automation + AI or ML

Neil Ward-Dutton of IDC talks about three of the ways AI might augment automation: Conversation, Document Understanding, and Predictions. Watch the video.

Is CMMN the prolog of BPM?

This article explores the question of whether the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) is the precursor to Business Process Management. The signs point to yes.

What's Low Got To Do With It? A Low-Code Discussion

Neil Ward-Dutton posted a nice quick-take on low-code and automation: Just uploaded my third weekly quick-take video: Let's talk about low-code. What's your view? #lowcode #automation https: BP3 Global, Inc.

There's a Faster Way To Do That - With Design

So McKinsey did a study published in October 2018 on the subject of the value of design. They defined the McKinsey Design Index to track the performance of the top quartile MDI performers. BP3 Global, Inc.

There's a Faster Way to do that

BP3 Global VideO: Working at BP3 & the company culture BP3 Global, Inc. Contact BP3 Global to find out how you can transform your processes with AI & RPA

Video: Decision Management and AI

In 2018, the areas of decision management and AI were beginning to converge, and here is one of our early videos on the subject. Contact BP3 for more info.

Is Now the Time to Increase Automation?

This article asks the question, is now the time to increase automation? Contact BP3 Global to discover whether robotic process automation can help.

Tuesdays with Tom - Human in the Loop

Article on a component of Intelligent Document Processing: Human in the Loop (HITL). HITL is a user interface that allows humans to participate.

Is COVID Driving More Automation?

We've discussed this in previous posts, and here is another third-party take on COVID-driven automation BP3 Global, Inc. Contact BP3 for more information.

Video: Interactive Forms with RPA

BP3 video shows how you can leverage interactive forms with RPA in Automation Anywhere, in what they call “human-in-the-loop” (HITL): BP3 Global, Inc.

VIDEO: Headless BPM

In this video, Carmen Galicia walks through the highlights of the benefits and challenges of going headless. Contact the team at BP3 on how to do it.

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