BP3 among the 20 Most Promising Robotics Solution Providers, 2018


Automating Clinical Protocols Keeps Patients Happy

How is this leading healthcare provider keeping their patients happy and healthy? Utilizing business rules and decision services, BP3 enabled this provider to deliver the best care to all patients. Click below to find out how.  

Oil & Gas Exploration

Increased Efficiency and Faster Cycle Times

Download this customer story to see how BP3 helped an oil & gas exploration company streamline the process before drilling a well and predict future health of wells through BPM and case management.  

United States Postal Service

Where is my package?

When USPS customers asked that question, BP3 delivered the answer by transforming the customer experience for the postal service. Delve into how USPS implemented a business rules application to bring top-notch product tracking to its customers.  

A Large Credit Union

Optimizing Production Through Robotic Process Automation

Take a look at how one credit union greatly increased their check processing speeds using process automation.  

University Hospitals Birmingham

Streamlining the Recruitment Process

“Taking a broader view, business process management is key to UHB’s ongoing strategy across every department.” UHB exceeded target recruitment expectations accelerating their recruitment cycle and reducing manual effort and paperwork with BP3.  

Severn Trent Water

Detecting Pollution with Decision Management

Delivering clean water is the number one priority for Severn Trent. In 2016, Severn Trent transitioned to a combination of IoT devices, weather data, and custom business rules to decrease their pollution incident level. Now, Severn Trent’s business users are empowered to manage their systems allowing for a new scale of control.  

Carlsberg Breweries

More Beer to More People. Faster.

BP3 enabled Carlsberg to deliver more beer, to more people, faster. Explore the journey that enabled Carlsberg’s Breweries to bring new products to market faster using the Brazos Platform.  


Smart People, Big Problems, Transformative Change

BP3 works with large multinational brands to address their digital business operations problems. What is digital operations? Digital Operations is the fastest most cost-effective way to enable your team to deliver outstanding customer experiences. Digital Operations bridges the gap between the digital customer experience and legacy back-office work. Simply put, Digital Operations is how work can get done at the speed of today.


Great Tools Speeding Big Change

The Brazos Experience is best in class technology framework to enable velocity in your digital operations transformation. The Brazos Experience creates the best user experience for your team to match the customer experience you deliver to your end customer.

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