RPA Maturity Stages: Pilots

The Pilot stage in your RPA Journey serves as an important starting point for your RPA program. Watch this video for a quick overview.

Your RPA Journey: A Guide to Implementation Success

Creating a plan for a 360-degree implementation is the right way to grow your footprint in RPA. We put together a guide to help you get started on your RPA Journey.

Establishing a Center of Excellence for Your RPA Practice

We put together a book to help organizations grow and mature with the use of bots, by creating a Center of Excellence for their Robotic Process Automation (RPA) practices.

A Large Credit Union

Optimizing Production Through Robotic Process Automation

Take a look at how one credit union greatly increased their check processing speeds using process automation.  


Did you know? There's a Faster Way to Do that...

BP3 gives people faster ways to get things done. We streamline and automate the processes that drive everything from customer experience to employee productivity. We bring More Focus – You can’t rely on a generalist to help you get the most out of RPA and Automation. It takes the know-how and experience of a true specialist to rethink your workflows and processes. More Foresight – You can’t expect an order taker to solve your toughest process issues. You need a forward-looking advisor who will help you ask the right questions, pick the right use cases, and choose the right technologies. Finally, More Follow-up – You can’t work with someone who thinks their job is done before it actually is. You need a partner who will measure success the same way you do and who will see every project through to successful adoption.