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Severn Trent Water

Detecting Pollution with Decision Management

Delivering clean water is the number one priority for Severn Trent. In 2016, Severn Trent transitioned to a combination of IoT devices, weather data, and custom business rules to decrease their pollution incident level. Now, Severn Trent’s business users are empowered to manage their systems allowing for a new scale of control.

United States Postal Service

Where Is My Package?

When USPS customers asked that question, BP3 delivered the answer by transforming the customer experience for the postal service. Delve into how USPS implemented a business rules application to bring top notch product tracking to its customers.

Carlsberg Breweries

More Beer to More People. Faster.

BP3 enabled Carlsberg to deliver more beer, to more people, faster. Explore the journey that enabled Carlsberg’s Breweries to bring new products to market faster using the Brazos Platform.


Smart People, Big Problems, Transformative Change.

For the past 10 years, BP3 has brought transformative change to industries all over the world. We work hand in hand with some of the largest companies in the world addressing their most pressing business problems. Our proven approach to total business transformation allows customers the freedom to meet their enterprise goals without risk.


The Most Popular Digital Experience Platform on the Market.

BP3’s Brazos Platform gives you the ability to transform your business by allowing you to enhance core business functions in a safe and efficient way. Using the Brazos Platform, your employees manage work, analyze business, gain insights and meaningfully engage customers. The Brazos Platform accelerates digital business transformation.

  • User Experience Framework

  • Analytics

  • Work Management

  • Customer Experience Insights

  • Industry Blueprints

  • Decision Management