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Unleashing the Power of Workload

Transform Your Business Landscape with Workload Automation

Workload Automation is the most modern, sophisticated, robust and scalable of Automation technologies. It runs the most important processes and the most impressive volumes.


Unleash the power of Workload Automation with BP3

Leaving far behind the legacy of Job Scheduling and Batch Processing, Workload Automation is the orchestration of ‘work’ across businesses, platforms, and technologies.

Offering native integration with critical applications like SAP, Oracle E-Business, Hadoop, and ServiceNow. Enabling tailored integrations using APIs, Webservices, and Microservices. Delivering seamless orchestration of workloads between on-premise and cloud, enterprise and mainframes. Monitoring all your processes from a single pane of glass.

BP3’s experts unleash the power Workload Automation technology to provide visibility across business platforms, support multiple applications and workflows with cross-system dependencies. We architect your most business-critical solutions to support high-volume, time-sensitive tasks that complete successfully and on-time.

Workload Analytics Expertise

BP3 help our customers meet business-critical SLAs by leveraging sophisticated Workload Analytics technology; monitoring critical paths, predicting missed deadlines long-before they happen, raising the alarm at the earliest possible moment, resolving problems automatically.  Our experts are world-leaders at configuring and supporting predictive analysis and reporting systems. 

Vendor Swap-outs

For those considering swapping-out their Workload Automation technology, we offer unparalleled insight into market. We will explain the comparative merits of the leading products and offer advice and services to help you migrate. We have the best migration tools. We have a proven migration methodology. We are the safe hands that you can trust, when you need to move to a newer technology.

Managed Services 

BP3 is unique in our understanding of a wide range of automation technologies. A perfect example of our ability to “Bridge the Islands of Automation” whilst “Eating our own Food” is our use of Intelligent Automation ‘bots’ to monitor and manage Workload Automation processes as part of our Managed Services delivery. Talk to us about how we do Managed Services better!

Why BP3 Stands Apart

Don't just choose BP3; embrace a partnership that propels you to the forefront of innovation. With BP3, you're not just adopting automation; you're investing in a future where your business thrives unboundedly.


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