BP3 takes education and partner certification of skills very seriously. We have a large
number of BPM professionals certified for Camunda 7. Most of them are keen to upgrade to
a Camunda 8 certification once that particular program is launched (expected December
2023). In the mean time very many have already completed the Camunda 8 training - so it is
only the certification that is outstanding.

Typically new recruits follow an extensive on-boarding process which includes Camunda
training and, where applicable, certification.


Camunda 8’s connector framework is an important aspect of the value that Camunda offers
to the user community. That and the newly launched Marketplace means that many common
integrations can be covered by existing connectors without having to develop custom code.
BP3 plans to support the strong partner ecosystem in the Marketplace and will contribute
connectors as/when the opportunities to do so arise.

BP3's Sharepoint Connector
This Connector for Camunda 8 allows you Camunda to manage documents held in a
Sharepoint or OneDrive repository. This connector is due for Launch in Q4 2023.

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