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BP3’s Sharepoint Connector for Camunda

Introducing BP3's SharePoint Connector for Camunda 8: Streamline your business processes with our latest addition to the Camunda Marketplace. Elevate your document management workflow with enterprise-grade integration.

Since Camunda announced the introduction of the Connector framework as part of the version 8.0 then it has been clear that it would be a game changer for Camunda 8. The Connector framework allows for reusable integration patterns within the BPMN process models that can be made available to process modellers and developers within the Web and Desktop environments.


Camunda has made a good start by providing some of the key Connectors that will help to bootstrap real world implementations. The following key Connectors provide a flavor of what is available today:

  • REST

  • Automation Connectors, for
    • Automation Anywhere
    • UiPath
    • Blue Prism

  • Kafka

  • AWS services, such as
    • SNS
    • SQS

  • Open AI (Chat GPT)

BP3 quickly realised that it would only be a matter of time before we would be building our own Connectors based on demand from our customers. Now we are pleased to announce that our first concrete use case for a Connector has come to fruition with the recent acceptance of our SharePoint Connector to the Camunda Marketplace.

Sharepoint Connector


SharePoint is an enterprise grade document management platform that allows documents to be stored, organised, shared and managed. It is a very common platform that many BP3 customers use to manage documents associated with their business processes. Below is an example of the Connector being used within a process model in Camunda, where the Connector can be configured, depending on the operational requirements for the activity in the process.

 sharepoint connector

This Connector joins prestigious company in the content management category alongside Connectors for

  • Alfresco
  • Google Drive
  • Amazon S3

BP3 are now reviewing the catalogue of popular integrations that we have built for customers in the past to see which of those we might want to re-implement for the Camunda ecosystem. So, watch this space, to see what comes next.

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