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BP3’s Azure DevOps Connector for Camunda

BP3 unveils the Azure DevOps Connector for Camunda, streamlining processes with Camunda's Connector Framework. Learn about the features and benefits of this innovative solution.

Camunda’s Connector framework, introduced in version 8.0, has been a catalyst for innovation, simplifying the creation of Connector Templates. With the addition of the Camunda Marketplace, sharing these creations has become a breeze. BP3 has been at the forefront, crafting connectors for SharePoint and OpenBots, and now, we're excited to launch our latest: the Connector for Azure DevOps.

Why Azure DevOps Connector?

Our journey to creating the Azure DevOps Connector was inspired by our collaboration with a customer deeply integrated with Azure DevOps (ADO). They rely heavily on ADO tickets to manage task hand-offs to users already engaged in the platform. Imagine leveraging ADO tickets as a dynamic substitute for form development - that’s the kind of innovative thinking we’re bringing to the table.

Initial Features with a Vision for Growth

When sculpting the initial version of this Connector, we drew inspiration from existing connectors for:

  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • Jira

We've aligned the Azure DevOps Connector’s capabilities with these tools to ensure it encompasses all essential features without becoming unwieldy. It’s our belief that sophistication lies in simplicity and precision, not in complexity.




BP3 is committed to evolving the automation landscape, and this Azure DevOps Connector is a testament to that. It’s tailored to meet the core needs of our clients without overcomplicating their processes. Our dedication to strategic, customer-centric solutions drives us to continually assess and expand our range of supported operations. With BP3, it's not just about creating connectors; it’s about crafting pathways to seamless integration and operational excellence.


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