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BP3 Shortlisted for the 2024 HSJ Partnership Awards

BP3s collaboration with Mersey and West Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Trust has led to significant improvements in patient care and operational efficiency.

BP3 Global Inc., a leading global intelligent automation consultancy, in collaboration with Mersey and West Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Trust (MWL), proudly announces that it has been shortlisted as the ‘Best Consultancy Partnership within the NHS’ category for the HSJ Partnership Awards 2024, recognising the most effective collaborations with the NHS.


Transforming services offered by the NHS and their partner organisations is important for improving many aspects of the patient, carer and staff experience as well as enhancing operations and administration. Consultancies play a positive role in helping the NHS develop services which create better outcomes for patients, save money and improve efficiency.

BP3 was first engaged as part of the Trust’s highly innovative approach to invest in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with the clear goal of delivering service improvement and cost efficiencies across both patient and HR administration processes.

With no BluePrint for RPA withn the NHS, the Trust was able to trailblaze through complex technology with the backing of BP3 as their chosen automation professionals. BP3 supported with the build for initial automations - upskilling the Trust’s in-house team, and driving further expansion of the RPA service not just across HR, but also moving to Lead Employer and Trust HR.

Since January 2022, over 6,000 working hours have been saved in addition to reduced overtime due to “getting it right first time”. 

Today MWL is viewed as a leader in both RPA, and Digital Transformation across the NHS. The widespread adoption of RPA technology, facilitated by Consultancy Partners such as BP3, marks a significant stride towards a more agile, and patient-centric NHS. As Trusts share, learn, and evolve together, the promise of a digitally enhanced healthcare system becomes realisable.

This collective endeavour supported and driven by BP3, firmly embraces the national NHS vision for“Scaling People Services”

Mark Ramsay, RPA Project Lead, Mersey and West Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Trust, said:
“While our internal team initiated the streamlining of processes to enable RPA integration, it was BP3's expertise that propelled us forward ahead of other NHS Organisations. They didn’t just offer guidance; they challenged traditional approaches and made us think differently about how we automate tasks, while minimising information governance risks. Their commitment to helping us build our internal RPA capacity has been intrinsic to the success of the programme”.

Scott Francis, CEO of BP3, emphasized the significance of the MWL RPA Project and the importance of the HSJ Awards: “The BP3 and Mersey & West Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Trust collaboration has further fuelled the journey with RPA and laid the groundwork for the adoption and benefits of automation across other Trusts, amplifying the impact of technology within the NHS framework.

The Trust’s partnership with BP3 has enabled us to work hand in hand with other Trusts in Manchester, Kent, and Newcastle, all of which have adopted a similar Intelligent Automation journey. The HSJ Awards and the specific shortlisting achieved through the collaborative approach recognises the positive impact that Automation Programmes are having within the Trust itself and the NHS overall.”

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BP3 Press Contact
Jason Cleghorn
Marketing Director, BP3

About the HSJ Awards
Now in its seventh year, 228 entries have been received for this year’s Partnership Awards, with 188 projects and individuals meriting inclusion on the final shortlist, The high volume - and exceptional quality – of applications once again mirrors the impressive levels of innovation and care continually being developed across the UK’s healthcare system.


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