BP3's managed services team focuses on providing comprehensive support for automation technologies and related infrastructure, emphasising collaboration, expertise, and efficiency. Achieved by building a customized support solution that is focused on the following:

Developer Support:

Provides expert assistance in automation technologies, including code reviews, root cause analysis, best practices, and code samples. This support is flexible and can inject expertise into small teams or provide larger teams with a safety net.

Applications Maintenance and Support:

Maintains and supports applications to enable your internal development team to focus on creating new applications. This includes enhancing existing applications, conducting code reviews, providing code samples, and initiating support requests with technology vendors when necessary.

DevOps Practices:

Bridges the gap between development and operations by streamlining and automating the software development and deployment lifecycle. BP3 has experience collaborating with companies new to DevOps as well as those where it is deeply integrated into their delivery practices.

Infrastructure Management:

Offers support similar to developer support but with a focus on infrastructure and ongoing operation of automation solutions. This includes problem-solving, aligning and integrating with supporting technologies, and planning and executing system patching, upgrades, and migrations.

Managed Services:

Assumes the responsibility of maintaining, monitoring, and managing automation infrastructure. This service can be provided using the client's hardware, within their cloud infrastructure, or as a complete turnkey solution.

There is a faster way to fix that problem and it is with BP3's world-class support group. Hundreds of global clients depend on BP3 support as their first line of defense.

This is a self-service support option provided by BP3 along with the ability to open tickets. You can search articles, learn tasks, and engage our forums to discuss other topics.

24x7 Global Support

Our support is globally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our support knows your environment like it is their own, and can advise you on ways to move faster.

Our extensive Knowledge Base helps you get things done faster

At BP3 we maintain an extensive knowledge base for our global support customers. Surely, someone has run into your problem, but did they document it? At BP3 we did, and we even bulit a personal knowledge base for your environment.


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