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Cloud Leap for Healthcare Efficiency

Optimizing legacy healthcare systems with AWS for streamlined efficiency. BP3 transformed a client's outdated system into a cloud-based solution, enhancing agility and scalability.

Cloud Leap for Healthcare Efficiency | BP3 Global


The Challenge

BP3 was engaged to modernize an outdated legacy system. As part of this modernization, the customer wished to make use of cloud technology.


The Solution

A modern cloud infrastructure was designed and built in Amazon Web Services (AWS).


The Result

The solution was developed as two parts:

  • A ready-to-use applications infrastructure that is deployed as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).
  • The application software that replaces the outdated legacy system.

Once the application was developed, developers could maintain the application software by updating the application code repository and instantly redeploying the entire solution into production.




  • The client faced maintenance and support complexities from the use of a legacy system.
  • Upgraded the client's solution and infrastructure, transitioning it to the cloud.
  • A ready-to-use applications infrastructure and platform allows developers to maintain the application code repository only, where application deployment is automated.




In the contemporary business landscape, where agility and scalability are paramount, companies often find themselves at a crossroads with their technology infrastructure. One such challenge was faced by our client, who was tethered to an outdated, on-premise legacy system. This system was not just a relic of a bygone technological era but was encumbered with maintenance and support complexities that stifled innovation and operational efficiency. Recognizing the imperative need to pivot towards a more flexible and scalable solution, the client set forth the ambitious goal of modernizing their legacy system into a cloud-based framework. Entrusted with this critical mission, BP3 stepped in to spearhead the transformation, marking the beginning of a journey from legacy to leading-edge.

Our approach to this challenge was holistic, recognizing that application modernization is not merely a technical upgrade but a strategic overhaul that requires careful planning and execution. BP3 embarked on developing a NextGen solution that was not just an upgrade but a complete reimagination of the client's infrastructure and application ecosystem.

The cornerstone of this transformation was the design of a new cloud infrastructure, meticulously tailored to meet the unique system requirements of our client. This included a comprehensive assessment to select the most suitable cloud provider, ensuring that the chosen platform aligned perfectly with the client's operational needs and strategic objectives. Our solution encompassed an array of resources and services, alongside the integration of third-party tools, all while maintaining a keen eye on optimizing cloud infrastructure costs.

Leveraging the 'Infrastructure as a Service' (IaaS) model, we meticulously built the infrastructure, eventually deploying it on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This choice was driven by AWS's robustness, scalability, and extensive service offerings, ensuring that our client's infrastructure would not only meet current demands but also adapt to future growth.

The project's scope extended beyond infrastructure setup to include the configuration of the project code repository, application containerization, and a continuous integration configuration. We embraced a DevOps approach, configuring the application's runtime environment and continuous deployment to foster a culture of rapid development, testing, and deployment cycles. This methodology ensured that our solution was not only robust and scalable but also agile, accommodating changes and updates with minimal disruption.

Monitoring and alerting configurations were integral components of our solution, providing visibility into the applications and infrastructure's health and performance. This proactive stance on monitoring enabled swift identification and resolution of potential issues, ensuring high availability and reliability of the cloud-based system.

The culmination of this extensive modernization project was a fully operational, cloud-based application infrastructure that significantly streamlined the development process. Developers now had the luxury to focus exclusively within the application code repository, simplifying maintenance and enhancing productivity.

This transformation journey led by BP3 epitomizes our expertise in navigating the complexities of system modernization, reaffirming our commitment to delivering innovative, efficient, and scalable solutions. The client's transition to a cloud-based solution not only marked a significant technological leap but also equipped them with the agility, efficiency, and scalability essential for thriving in the digital age. It's a testament to BP3's ability to transform traditional operations into future-ready platforms, driving our clients towards their next horizon of operational excellence.

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