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Use Cases That Incorporate Automation Into HR Processes

Automation frees up your HR team to focus on empathy and self-improvement. Learn from real use cases on how to implement bots in your HR processes.

At BP3, we have worked with HR professionals in many verticals which gives us perfect examples of how automation saves employees hours every week. Today we are sharing some of the most beneficial use cases for RPA in Human Resources.

Use Cases for RPA in HR

Refinement of Payroll Systems

We have many customers who are seeing consolidation in their business. When one organization acquired three smaller firms, their payroll and time management systems were all over the map. By using RPA, the system was able to consolidate hundreds of employees and geographies into one payroll system for easier management.

Using Bots to Create Recommendations for Managers

One customer used RPA for the collection and automation of employee assessments. The executive leadership team was able to review managerial assessments blind. They made promotion and compensation decisions without the bias of knowing the employee. It was solely based on their performance.

The bot also produced useful data on how individual employees see their roles in the company, and what kind of interventions could help each person improve performance. This enabled every manager to compile a roadmap on how to help their employees thrive.

Bots to Build Candidates

Another great way of using RPA in HR is to blind resumes and interview scheduling. Using a bot to review resumes and assign the candidates into interview queues removes bias from the recruiting process.

BP3 has been a leading provider of RPA solutions in Human Resources for 15 years. To learn more about BP3 Global in HR, contact us today!

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