Streamline with automation

Efficiency Through Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) implementation reduced the invoice handling time by 5-10 minutes per invoice, driving efficiency & saving time.


The Challenge

Our client was required to update supplier data in Oracle with information derived from credit checks.

The Solution

RPA was implemented, automating the supplier data updating process.

The Result

The process time was significantly reduced by an estimated 10 minutes per supplier, with 100 suppliers processed monthly.




●    Client faced a manual, time-consuming invoice handling process.
●    Implemented RPA, streamlining the entire process.
●    Invoices are processed and uploaded on designated platforms, based on the client.
●    Significantly reduced the invoice handling time by 5-10 minutes per invoice.



Full Article

Employees at our client's organization faced a manual, time-consuming process: they received a report listing invoice IDs and relevant data, with each invoice sent in a separate email. Their task was to extract data from each invoice and upload it, along with the invoice itself, to the designated platform.

BP3 introduced a game-changing automation solution. We developed a bot that streamlined the entire invoice handling process:

Automated Report and Invoice Handling: The bot automatically downloads the daily report from Outlook, filters and extracts the necessary data into a CSV template.

Efficient Invoice Processing: It then independently processes each invoice listed in the CSV file. For each record, the bot searches for the corresponding invoice in Outlook using the invoice ID, downloads it, and then uploads it to the web application.

Data Entry and Submission: After uploading, the bot fills in all the required details from the report, following established business rules, and submits the file on the platform.

Transaction Logging and Reporting: Each invoice upload is logged as a transaction in Humio, enabling the generation of live reports for employee oversight.

Enhanced Error Handling: The bot also checks for acknowledgments in the application related to previous uploads, extracting any necessary clarifications or error notices to be included in the Humio report.

The bot has significantly enhanced efficiency, saving employees an average of 5-10 minutes per invoice. Given the daily volume of 5-30 invoices, this automation has not only streamlined a previously labor-intensive process but also allowed employees to focus on more strategic tasks. This solution is a prime example of how BP3 leverages automation to transform everyday business operations, driving efficiency and innovation.

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