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Why You Need an RPA Bot Delivery Template

If you have a Robotic Process Automation project delivery coming up, you need a bot delivery template. Why? We have the answers! Contact BP3 for help.

Why do you need a bot delivery template? If you are reading this odds are good you are working on a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) project and are probably sweating an upcoming delivery. Fear not! I have the answer! It is a simple bot delivery template.

I feel like I preach documentation on a regular basis but this one is a big one. A bot delivery template means you can hand the reins over to someone else without losing sleep at night.

In a bot delivery template you outline the inputs, outputs and considerations of a bot so that you can hand it off to a maintenance team and know that the bot is taken care of. You also outline the as is process in a BDT so that someday when someone asks why a bot is doing this job, you have the documentation on it. How many FTEs is it saving? How was it done before? Why does a bot make sense?


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