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What's Intelligent Automation

Encapsulate AI or Machine Learning in its own layer or component, & you encapsulate the process or automation into its own layer (or component). BP3 Global

I love this flashback to December 2018, of Matt Warta talking about Intelligent Automation - applying AI techniques in combination with RPA and Process (DPA or BPM).

As Krista put it: you encapsulate the AI or Machine Learning in it's own layer or component, and you encapsulate the process or automation into it's own layer (or component).  That abstraction allows for the maximum agility in the future, as well as in the short term.  This strategy for bringing intelligence to our Automation has informed everything we've done over the subsequent 2 years, kind of fun to look back at it!

We've learned so much even since the creation of this video. Our AI services team is really coming into its own, and I can't wait to see what we get done in 2021! 

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