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How to Deliver Robotic Process Automation Programs on Time and Within Your Budget

Learn how to deliver robotic process automation (RPA) programs on time & on budget. Learn how BP3 was given the distinction of being the provider.

In a Forrester Wave a few years ago BP3 was given the distinction of being the provider with the “most on time, on budget deliveries”. When I first read the report I thought, of course we are on time and on budget, how else do you deliver work? Quickly, I found out that this is not the normal software delivery everywhere.

I was asked by one of our long term clients how we deliver so consistently recently and I thought I would share my response here:

  1. Goals. I’ve seen a lot of projects that start with one goal and then go sideways because the goal changes or, more often, the goal wasn’t the real goal in the first place. At BP3, we run ahead of the project and make sure that the goal is the real goal, it is agreed upon, and then it is etched into the project everyday. Recently, there was a Driven Episode about how our Design Team works to create the right automation project goal for the organization. You can watch it here. This episode talks not only about how to set goals but also how to make sure that your goal is the real goal which, in my opinion, is really important.

  2. Planning. Part of BP3’s RPA Methodology is taking the time to plan. This seems obvious but putting pen to paper and writing down a plan is often a missed step. I have seen some implementation teams even write a plan and hand it over to the customer at the end with the delivery. BP3’s RPA Methodology brings the plan to the front of all projects. We review it with our team on a regular basis and make sure that we are following it end to end.

  3. Documentation. OK, I’ll admit I hate documentation. Who doesn’t? But documentation is key to RPA success. You can get a preview of some of the documentation that we provide in BP3’s RPA Methodology in our RPA Journey Ebook. This Ebook includes a link to our opportunity register and our RPA runbook. Documentation is key to continued RPA success so make sure you make time for it.

I know those three things might seem obvious but good RPA methodology and practices are often overlooked. If you want a free consultation with BP3 on process automation, sign up here.

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