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Revolutionizing Banking: A Global Credit Workflow Transformation

Revolutionizing banking globally with a groundbreaking Credit Workflow Tool, optimizing processes and enhancing control for commercial lending.



The Challenge

Our client lacked visibility and control of their commercial lending process, which was reliant on manual efforts.


The Solution

Through an Agile program, we delivered a Credit Workflow Tool (CWT), providing end to end visibility and control of the bank’s lending process – along with a Centre of Excellence to support and maintain it.


The Result

Our client gained visibility and control of their lending process from initial contact with the customer, to negotiation and agreement of a contract, right through to the orchestration of activities necessary to facilitate and manage the delivery of a loan.




  • Client lacked visibility and control of their lending process.
  • Launched an Agile program, designing and building a Credit Workflow Tool (CWT), along with a CoE.
  • The CWT orchestrates the end to end lending process, from loan origination through to orchestration of activities necessary to facilitate and monitor the delivery of a loan.
  • Successfully delivered to fifty countries.
  • Client gained visibility and control of their entire lending process.




In the face of a rapidly evolving financial landscape, a prominent commercial banking group found itself grappling with an increasingly untenable situation. Their lending process, a critical aspect of their operations, was entrenched in inefficiency, primarily reliant on antiquated tools such as email and spreadsheets. This method was not only time-consuming but also fraught with the risk of errors, leading to a lack of cohesion and transparency in handling loan applications. Recognizing the urgent need for transformation, the group sought a partnership with BP3, known for its pioneering approach to leveraging technology for strategic business enhancement.

BP3, with its expertise in crafting bespoke automation solutions, embarked on this collaboration with a vision to overhaul the bank's lending operations. The initiative kicked off with the launch of an Agile program, a testament to BP3's commitment to flexibility and efficiency. The cornerstone of this program was the development of the Credit Workflow Tool (CWT), a groundbreaking application designed to streamline and elevate the entire lending process.

The CWT was meticulously engineered to manage the loan journey from origination to final delivery. By orchestrating the myriad activities required to process and monitor a loan, the tool brought an unprecedented level of governance and clarity to the operations. It effectively eliminated the previously chaotic and disjointed processes, replacing them with a seamless, integrated workflow. This transformation was not just about enhancing efficiency; it was a strategic move to ensure accuracy, speed, and ultimately, customer satisfaction.

Understanding the global footprint of the banking group, BP3 crafted the CWT with an innate flexibility to accommodate diverse market needs. In larger markets, where local norms and regulations posed unique challenges, the tool was customized to ensure full compliance without compromising on functionality. Conversely, in smaller markets, a standardized version of the CWT was deployed. This strategic differentiation allowed the bank to maintain a high level of service across its operations, while simplifying the implementation and reducing the complexities often associated with scaling in varied regulatory environments.

The deployment of the CWT across fifty global markets marked a significant milestone in the bank's quest for operational excellence. Beyond the immediate improvements in process efficiency and governance, the tool laid the foundation for a more agile and responsive lending operation. The establishment of an in-house Centre of Excellence dedicated to the ongoing maintenance and enhancement of the CWT ensured that the bank remained at the forefront of commercial lending innovation. This center became a hub of expertise, continuously refining the application to meet evolving market demands and regulatory changes.

The culmination of this transformative program was a testament to the bank's commitment to excellence and BP3's ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions tailored to complex business challenges. With comprehensive oversight of its commercial lending operations, the banking group not only elevated its operational capabilities but also positioned itself as a leader in the competitive financial services industry. This partnership with BP3 not only addressed the immediate challenges but also equipped the bank with the tools and knowledge to navigate the future with confidence.

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