From the Video Vault: RPA Use Cases

It seems like ages ago, but it was only December 2018 when we had our CEO, Scott Francis, sit down and talk with Krista White, about RPA business use cases.

From an IT perspective it's tempting to over-simplify and look at RPA as only about data integration or testing.  But from a business perspective, you're thinking about how to overcome obstacles to change, or obstacles to achieving your goals in your business.

Rules-driven, data-driven, repetition-driven work fits well with RPA.  But the reasons you're doing it are important - the driver is time-to-value or time-to-market, rather than "what's the most robust implementation of this functionality that we could implement."  So it is a good fit when we need a quick change, and we're not sure how long that change will last before it needs to change again.

Our point of view on RPA has evolved over the last few years. We're doing a lot more to integrate RPA and AI into solutions that really pack a punch with ROI. It's these combination plays with RPA and other technologies that really unlock value for our clients.