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Application & system modernisation

DevOps with Joe Warner

If you want to go faster - you need great DevOps. Contact BP3 for help with transforming your business with Robotic Process Automation

Professional Services

Innovation vs. Transformation

David cuts to the chase on the practices that make sense for transformation vs. innovation. Contact BP3 for more information and how we can help.

Professional Services

Video: What to Automate

In this 2018 video, Julie gives us a sense of good use cases for automation BP3 Global, Inc. Contact BP3 for more information on how we can hep you

Professional Services

When do you use RPA bots?

The article gives some pointers about when to use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots, whether mechanical or cognitive. Contact BP3 to find out how.

Professional Services

Neil Ward-Dutton on AI and Ethics

What good is artificial intelligence if there isn't an ethical framework? Contact BP3 for help with transforming your business with AI Automation

Streamline with automation

Video: Process Automation Story - Utilities

This is part 2 of a series about transforming processes, using a utility company as the star of the story(!). For more information contact BP3 Global.

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