Intelligent Process Automation

Retail Revolution: Cutting Through Complexity

BP3 Global is revolutionizing retail with intelligent process automation. Showcasing a Credit Workflow Tool that streamlines commercial lending globally.


The Challenge

Due to the manual processing of rejected invoices our client faced a lengthy and complex error handling process.


The Solution

Camunda and DMN process exception automation were implemented.


The Result

The accounts receivable process time was significantly reduced by 32 hours per month.




  • Client faced a lengthy and complex error handling process.
  • Implemented Camunda and DMN process exception automation.
  • Significantly reduced the accounts receivable process time by 32 hours per month.




In today's fast-paced business environment, large enterprises face an array of challenges, one of which is the meticulous process of submitting business invoices to governments for tax purposes. This task, while critical, is fraught with potential pitfalls that can lead to inefficiencies and operational delays. Our client, a formidable entity tasked with managing this intricate process for several companies, encountered a significant hurdle. The frequent rejections of invoices by government entities due to various errors, such as typos or incorrect addresses, resulted in a cumbersome and labor-intensive ordeal. Each rejection necessitated a deep dive into understanding the specific issue and crafting a resolution, a process that was both time-consuming and resource-intensive. Recognizing the pressing need to streamline this operation, the overarching goal was set to automate the error handling process seamlessly within the existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) workflows.

Stepping into this challenging scenario, BP3 leveraged its deep expertise in process automation to devise a sophisticated solution. By implementing a process automation application powered by Camunda and enhanced with a decision table, we introduced a game-changing approach to handling invoice rejections. This innovative solution is adept at automatically identifying the type of error leading to the rejection of an invoice, thereby streamlining the subsequent steps needed for correction. Moreover, the integration of this solution into the existing technological ecosystem, comprising Amazon Web Services (AWS), Mulesoft, and JIRA, underscores our commitment to delivering solutions that are not only effective but also harmoniously blend with our clients' operational landscapes.

Initially rolled out in two countries, this solution was crafted with an eye towards global scalability, ensuring that businesses operating across borders could benefit from this transformative approach. The impact of this automation on our client's operations has been nothing short of revolutionary. The ability to efficiently audit missing e-invoices and automate the creation of Salesforce cases has significantly expedited customer service follow-ups. This has not only facilitated the prompt correction of customer data but has also led to a substantial reduction in the accounts receivable process time—cutting down by an impressive 32 hours per month.

This project stands as a testament to BP3's unparalleled ability to navigate complex business challenges and deliver innovative, efficient solutions that drive operational excellence. Beyond merely streamlining the invoice submission process, our solution has laid a robust foundation for scalable, global operations. It highlights our dedication to leveraging cutting-edge technology and our deep understanding of business processes to effect transformative changes. This initiative not only showcases BP3's competency in enhancing operational efficiencies but also reinforces our position as a leader in delivering strategic, impactful solutions that cater to the nuanced needs of large businesses in the global arena.

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