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Navigating the Automation Landscape: Why Partnering with an Expert is Key

Explore the benefits of partnering with automation specialists. Understand why you should consider partnering with the experts at BP3 Global.

Navigate the Automation Landscape: Partner with an Expert is Key

As time passes, the significance of process automation continues to grow. Technological advancements in the past five years, including artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), and cloud computing, have made it more affordable and accessible for businesses to automate their processes.  

For companies that are eager to start their automation journey, the pressing question is: where to begin?

When businesses start to automate and digitize their operations, they typically weigh the options of developing the automation in-house or partnering with an automation expert. This decision-making process is crucial to the overall success of digitizing their business operations. 

Although having an in-house team of engineers to outline an organization’s digital capabilities is beneficial, companies may want to consider partnering with automation experts for process automation. The development of automation solutions requires specialized skills and knowledge, which, if not available in-house, can lead to longer development cycles, more errors, and higher overall costs. Automation experts can provide guidance and support throughout the automation journey, ultimately leading to a more efficient and effective process automation implementation. Here are some of the main advantages of teaming up with an automation specialist: 

  • Expertise: Automation consultancies possess the necessary skills and knowledge to develop and implement impactful automation solutions in both the short and long term. Partnering with an automation expert can help companies avoid common pitfalls associated with in-house automation development.

  • Time to Market: Developing automation solutions in-house can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, especially if the team lacks the required adeptness. This can hinder the ability to implement high-impact solutions quickly while planning for long-term benefits.

  • Cost-Savings: While developing automations in-house may seem cost-effective initially, it can ultimately be more expensive. In addition to the investment in training, software, added headcount, and infrastructure, there are also ongoing costs associated with maintenance and upgrade.

  • Scalability: Automation solutions must be designed to accommodate the growth and expansion of the business over the long term. Automation consultants can develop flexible and scalable solutions that can easily adapt to future needs without requiring significant rework or investment. 

With over 15 years of experience in automating key business processes across various industries, from healthcare and manufacturing to banking and FS&I, BP3 brings a unique perspective to every engagement. By partnering with us, you can develop and implement customized automation solutions that cater to your specific needs without the risks and overhead costs associated with in-house development. Our team helps guide our clients toward the optimal path for automation, whether that be through empowering them to develop automation themselves or through developing automations on their behalf, including establishing centers of excellence. 

Ready to explore the benefits of partnering with an automation consultancy? Contact us to learn how BP3 can help you. streamline your operations.

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