Digital Operations SERVICES

Since 2007, BP3 has worked alongside companies to transform business processes and customer experiences – digitally. We don’t just offer artificial intelligence, machine learning software and data analytics, we provide a hands-on approach to streamlining your daily business operations.

BP3 Service Offerings

What makes BP3 unique is our alignment with your business’s overall goals. Our services begin with a comprehensive assessment. We explore your customer’s point of view through journey mapping and work to optimize your user interface for a seamless customer experience. We also dive into your employees’ experiences to optimize digital processes and decision management through automation and AI.

Once our assessment is complete, we create a plan to implement our services and software – taking your company’s digital presence to the next level. We work to meet your business’s unique needs and combine them with our services. Our service doesn’t stop until you are satisfied with tangible results and improvements.

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Data Analytics

  • Machine Learning

  • Customer Experience Insights

  • Journey Mapping

  • RPA

  • Design Thinking

  • Decision Management Services

  • Process Transformation

Who We Serve

From small startups to Fortune 500 companies, BP3 has served a wide variety of businesses. Our services have helped companies within the financial, healthcare, oil and gas, government and manufacturing sectors. We can impact a range of divisions within your company, from automating areas of data entry and customer service to refining your UI design. We’re here to collaborate with you to define and exceed your goals.

What Makes BP3 Different?

We don’t just offer a set list of products and services then disappear before real changes manifest. BP3 works with you to find the greatest potential improvements, and stays with you until you are happy with the results of our service. Our support team works on-site, or remotely, with your staff to develop a plan of action, enhance your brand, and deliver outcomes that exceed expectations.

BP3 offers a two-fold service. We focus on your customer AND employee experiences. We believe that true digital success results from a combination of seamless customer interactions with your interface as well as maximized efficiency for your employees’ day-to-day operations.

Plus, we offer fixed fees for our services. This is beneficial to you because it means our efforts are not restricted to time limits. We work to thoroughly reach and surpass your company’s goals.