RPA Expense Reporting Demo


See how Robotic Process Automation can assist your employees to complete their work in a timely and efficient manner. Let the bots do the repetitive and tedious work, so your team can focus on the important things.


Ted Lano:
Today, we'll go over how we can leverage robotic process automation to streamline a common expense reporting process. Let's say that one of your employees is traveling for work. We'll call him Ted. During this work trip, Ted gathers all of the receipts for the purchases he makes. He makes several throughout the week. As he makes purchases, he logs those expenses in a spreadsheet, one by one. At the end of the week, he needs to create an expense report at all of his expense details and submit the report to his manager for approval. Let's take a closer look at this part of the process.

Here are the steps that Ted needs to perform in order to create and submit his expense report. If Ted is a hundred percent focused and free from any interruptions, it takes them about 19 minutes to complete these steps. Let's expand that to the number of his colleagues that are also traveling that week. We can see that Ted and his colleagues spend 15.8 hours per week doing their expenses. Now let's see how we can use a robotic assistant in order to free up Ted and the rest of his colleagues from this tedious work.

First, the robot logs into the platform. Then it goes and creates a new expense report and fills in the necessary details. It first adds additional rows to the report and then it starts logging each and every expense one by one. When it finishes with the first page, it goes on to the next page and does the same thing. Let's skip through the rest of this so we can move to another part of the process. After adding all the expenses it needs to go and attach receipts. And it does this one by one as well. This will go on for a while. So let's go to the end.

Let's go over some of the benefits of automation. One of the main benefits is the time savings, cost savings and resulting ROI. Bots can reduce the demand on your workforce or even take on additional work that wasn't being done before. This saves your organization time and money, and the bots can ultimately pay for themselves. In addition, bots do not make the same mistakes that people do, such as misreading or mis-entering values, and they will perform their work consistently each and every time. This leads to more standardized and reliable output. They are available to work at any and all hours of the day, they don't take breaks or holidays and they don't get distracted. If the volume of work ramps up, you can easily scale up your digital workforce by adding more bots to handle the increased demand.

As you start to understand your processes better, bots can be trained to handle additional use cases and exception paths to cover more ground. You'll find more and more ways to utilize your bots as you make progress with your automation program. Most importantly, the bots are here to help your teams. Let the bots do the repetitive and tedious work so that your people can focus on the important things. At the end of the day, it's all about results. Here at BB3, we're helping our customers build, grow and sustain their automation programs with great success. Let us help you with your automation journey at every step of the way. Thanks for watching.