Continuous Integration vs. Continuous Deployment


Watch now to learn what continuous integration and continuous deployment are. As well as to learn what the process really entails, and how they are differentiated but work together.


Krista: Thanks, Joe, for joining us today. Today we are talking about CICD. Let us start with what is it, maybe a definition, and give me the long term.

Joe: Okay, I don't do book definitions unfortunately, but CI stands for continuous integration. Really, that's just a discipline that developers use to make sure that when they commit their code on a regular basis, it's compiled and all the unit tests are run so that we've got a stable baseline of code in the master branch at all times.
CD stands for continuous deployment, or sometimes people call continuous delivery. But really, that says we've got the code. It's been built and tested, so we know it's good. Let's just move to the next step and deploy it into maybe various environments, test environment, UIT, and finally into production. We can do all that automatically.

Krista: This is a really big topic nowadays. People are doing deployments every 15 minutes at some places, every other day at others. How do people get started with CICD?

Joe: I think the place to start is to look at your existing processes, and really, you'll have a lot of things that you're maybe doing on a regular basis but just not doing automatically. That's the place to start is look and see what's out there. How can we bring those together and automate them and not overextend yourself, really? Stick to what you know, but automate it. That's the best place to start.

Krista: Do you have a way of people going about mapping this out or really looking into what they're doing now to be more automated?

Joe: I don't there's a standard philosophy or procedure about that. It think it's just a case of understanding what it is that people are doing, looking at their processes, and being aware of what the capabilities of the tooling is and then matching that to what people are doing. That's where I would start.

Krista: Perfect. Thanks, Joe, for joining us and talking about what is CICD and how to get started. We will see you again soon.

Joe: Super, thanks.