What is Process Transformation?


Will is buying a house, and process transformation makes it simple. Follow Will and June as they discover what Process Transformation is and the value it brings.


Speaker 1:
This is Will. Will works full time, does grad school part time, but most importantly, he's a dad. A while back Will made a promise that he'd build his son the best tree house ever when they buy a house, and he's ready to make good on that promise. When it's time to start applying for loans, he's surprised to find out that he can do everything online with his own bank, but he had some questions so he calls in and speaks to June, the financial advisor.

June likes helping people step towards home ownership, and her job is a lot simpler these days. Before the new system at work, June was juggling paperwork, emails, Excel files, and dealing with multiple systems. But those days are over and June's a lot happier. It's allowed her to focus on things she's good at, like talking to customers, and they're a lot happier too. Will gets his questions answered and now he can send his documents online.

Not only that, but he's able to see the progress of his loan approval on the bank's website. After about a week, Will receives a notification on his phone that his loan has been approved, and he completes the loan process by signing his documents on his phone. This is the kind of amazing experience customers are looking for, and in today's market, it's a kind of experience they expect. The core technology that builds truly connected customer experiences is a platform built on process transformation.

Remember the new system that sat between June and everything else, organizing all of work into one place? That's what process transformation does. In fact, it can do that for all your employees and extend out to your customers so everyone has efficient access within the organization, and you can fully leverage your company's assets to better serve your customers.

So a system that looks like this can now look like this, enabling you to automatically route and prioritize work, and integrate multiple systems into a streamlined process that makes sense. With a process transformation platform, you can answer questions like how are my employees performing? Where's the work? Are we getting the best results? Because you're doing everything under the umbrella of process transformation, you have the data to explain what's happening inside your organization.

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