What Is Process Discovery

Find your foundation for any digital process automation project.

Speaker 1: What is process discovery? Process discovery is an important foundation for any digital process automation project. Whether you're about to take on a full end-to-end business process overhaul or just getting started with an RPA implementation process, discovery is a critical phase that provides an understanding of first, the process, second, its current state, third, and its problem areas. This is in order to ensure that the future state solution aligns with business objectives and maximizes business value. It should always be done before any development work begins.

Before beginning process discovery, there are a few things to make sure of. First, it is important to have a clear reason for action. For example, it may be a corporate goal to reduce operating costs by a given percentage within a department or area, and the strategy to achieve that goal may be automation of business processes. Second, it is important to have a clear scope of the work you plan to investigate. Identifying the start and end points of any process, no matter what the size, is key to keeping the process discovery session manageable and focused. Third, the right stakeholders and SMEs from both IT and business must be in the room. Having individuals who actually do the work and can communicate the steps they take and performing the work is the most important factor in process discovery success.

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