Best Ways to Get Started with Automation


Interested in learning how to get started with automation and the two ways in which to get started? Give this video a view and you too will have a better understanding of how to get started.


Krista: Thanks Rainer, for sitting down with us today. So, today, like many days, we're talking about automation. And today we're talking about getting started with automation. So, Rainer, you've been on a lot of projects. You've seen a lot of projects. Tell us, what's the best way to actually get started?

Rainer: That's a great question, Krista. I would say that from our experience there are two ways in which to get started. One is if our client is looking for a broader solution, if they're looking for something holistic, we'll do a top-down approach. And if the client is unsure or needs to understand what the opportunities might be, we'll do a bottom-up approach.

Rainer: And so, the way that looks is top-down, we will do things like capability mapping, we will do business architecture work. We will work with them to look at their operating model and use that as a roadmap to define where they might have opportunities for improvement.

Rainer: If that it too much overhead for the client, if they're doing too much, I guess, run-ahead work to prepare for that, there's often just opportunities by sitting in their contact center or looking at different departments within their organization, to identify areas where there's a lot of manual processing or perhaps they have a lot of systems which they have to toggle between. And these are really good candidates to start, really to start identifying where things can be automated, made more efficient, and so forth.

Krista: So, really looking at either a big bang, across-the-board kind of approach, or more pinpointed, start small and grow those programs and practices?

Rainer: Exactly. It really depends on how risk-averse or cautious the client is. So, in some organizations, they recognize that they've reached a point where they haven't invested in their systems or they haven't modernized, and so, in that case, they really want to look at the organization wholesale. Whereas other organizations might have hot spots in their capability maps where they say, "We know that we've got a paper-based process in this department that we need to focus on first, just because that's a really high-pain, really inefficient process that we need to get automated."

Krista: Well thanks, Rainer, for sitting down with us today. So, you can find more videos like this about digital automation and getting started with digital automation here on this channel. Make sure you subscribe.

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