Robotics as a Service with Scott Francis


CEO, Scott Francis took some time to sit down at Driven and explain our new offering, Robotics as a Service.


Krista: Thanks, Scott, for sitting down with us today. So today in your keynote you spoke about how we're introducing robotics as a service. Can you tell me more about the offering and in general, what is robotics as a service?

Scott Francis: Right. Well, the basic idea for robotics as a service is to just make it easier to adopt robotics into your organization or RPA into your organization. And one of the challenges is just to understand how many bots do I need, how do I maintain them, how do I discover and define them and how do I validate that I'm doing the right things. So we want to turn all of that into a subscription that our clients can engage in. So we do the hard stuff and we engage with our clients to do the stuff that they're really experts in, which is understanding the business, understanding the value each automation can have for their business.

Scott Francis: We help them figure out the effort and implementation cost and we roll that into a subscription.

Krista: So increasing flexibility and scalability at the same time?

Scott Francis: That's right. That's right. And we want to be able to scale all the way down to a very small customer need and up to a large need. We want to be able to handle that whole width.

Krista: So that leads into my next question. How do people get started with robotics as a service? Scott Francis: Right. I think the easiest way to get started is talk to us. Talk to David Bailey on our team who leads that practice, and he'll help you craft the right solution for you. And I think each customer is going to be a little bit different. So there isn't just a one size fits all because some of our clients will want to own the license, some of them will want to own the hosting. That's completely fine because the key parts of the service are that BP3 is there to help you build, deploy, and manage in production. Once we get them to production, it's our problem to keep them whole, keep them running.

Scott Francis: We take all that hard work away, but we let you focus on the business value and the business need. Krista: David spoke a little bit about the jigsaw puzzle that you put together for RPA as a service, planning, measuring.

Scott Francis: Right.

Krista: But he also mentioned that you could take each one of those individual pieces out ...

Scott Francis: That's right.

Krista: ... And manage that on your own. Is that what you're saying? Scott Francis: That's exactly what I'm saying. I think that the offering is configurable because basically every client has a different set of needs and different set of strengths and requirements, and we want to be able to help clients wherever they are in that spectrum.

Krista: Well, thanks for sitting down with us and for you introducing robotics as a service.

Scott Francis: Absolutely.