Digital Transformation in Large Enterprises


In this video, we will discuss digital transformation in larger enterprises and provide you with the three most common themes that help people digitally transform.



Speaker 1: Thanks Pat for sitting down with us today. Today, we're talking about digital transformation in big enterprises. You've done a lot of digital transformations in these big enterprises. What is a common theme? What are, I guess, maybe just three things that you see that really help people digitally transform?

Pat: Great question. I think the first thing and most important thing I would look at would be the executive buy-in and accountability. Large scale transformations tend to have a very long timeline, and different companies have different levels of turnover, but the longer the timeline, the more likely you are to have that turnover. Getting their buy-in, and having the accountability is probably one of the most important things.

Speaker 1: Once you have executive buy-in, what's the next step for customers? What's the next planning step that you would do?

Pat: Yeah, I think once you get the buy-in there, then it's proving that you can establish a roadmap and a project plan that's gonna get you to the goals that ... your business objectives that you're actually trying to accomplish from a digital transform perspective.

Speaker 1: When you have established this roadmap, what's the last thing that you would say makes this program successful?

Pat: Let's put the business and IT in a room together so that they're all on the same page because-

Speaker 1: Let them fight it out?

Pat: Right. It is the concept of superusers, or you have a business person that really understands IT is something that is ... all the users should have that capability, and I think that's where you become successful.

Speaker 1: When you really want to transform at an enterprise level, executive buy-in, a clear road map, get everybody in the same room, and on the same page?

Pat: That's right.

Speaker 1: Great, well thanks for sitting down with us today, and you can checkout more videos about digital transformation and transforming at the enterprise level here on this channel.

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