End to End Application SupportRob Koplowitz Recaps How Critical Process Is in Digital TransformationRob Koplowitz Recaps How Critical Process Is in Digital Transformation


Forrester's Rob Koplowitz talks about his Driven keynote "The critical Role of Process in Digital Transformation."


Krista: Thanks, Rob, for sitting down with us.

Krista: So, in your keynote session here at Driven, you spoke about the critical role process plays in digital transformation. Can you give me a brief summary of that?

Rob: Well, we're just really trying to drive towards end to end automation. If you think about end to end automation, a lot of that is process. And a lot of those processes today are manual. And if you really don't find those things and actually automate them you're not really going to have a smooth end to end experience for a customer.

Krista: So, really, trying to get people into creating a digital native kind of platform.

Rob: Yeah, and if you think about it in the context of a customer journey, customer journeys are really processes, right? And these processes are things that need to be automated. If you think about the folks that do it best, those experiences that you enjoy the most, they run really smoothly, you can see exactly where you are in the process, it happens quickly, it happens efficiently. And if you think about the way folks used to do it, it was manual wait stays, you have to make phone calls, you're waiting for emails back, it's very disjointed, it's very uncomfortable. So, process is a big part of automating those journeys.

Krista: In your research you said that 83% of organizations are looking to increase or significantly increase their use of customer journey mapping. So, you just hit on it. How do those two, customer journey mapping and process automation, really fold together?

Rob: In my mind, a customer journey is a process. Now, it's a specialized process. But, it is actually a number of steps. And if we look at how our customer experience colleagues are forced to do this, they'll have these process maps and they'll see red post-it notes all over those. And those reed post-it notes are manual processes. We need the technologists in the room, we need the process professionals in the room that know how to automate those things, so that we end up with a completely smooth automated process from a customers perspective.

Krista: That's really assessing and fixing those friction points.

Rob: Exactly, and understanding the art of the possible throughout the entire process.

Krista: Well, thanks for sitting down with us and talking. We look forward to your next keynote at Driven.

Rob: Thank you, Krista.