Roadblocks to Automation


Roadblocks to Automation can be scary, BP3 can navigate you through them.


Speaker 1: What are some roadblocks to automation? The biggest roadblock to starting automation is trying to do too much at once. Trying to automate a hundred percent of a single process is both practical and infeasible. You don't need to account for every use case or exception path. Automate a simple, standard, straightforward process first, preferably one that personally saves you time.

Why start small? For one, it takes months of analysis to fully understand most processes and even then there will always be an exception to the rules. Two, some cases are so rare it doesn't make sense to try and automate them. If the process occurs only once out of every 10,000 transactions, why spend your time automating for 0.01%? There are certainly better ways to spend your development resources.

[inaudible 00:00:42] trying to change or optimize the process. This often adds additional time and complexity. Automate now, reduce the demand on your workforces, and reinvest those time savings into looking closer at the overall process with the people who know it best. Of course, this doesn't mean not to spend the time performing ROI analysis on potential automations. Your business analysts should be working to put together a backlog of valuable projects. However, your development team should not be sitting idle. There's plenty of opportunities out there. Go out and get them. BP3 gives people faster ways to get things done. We streamline and automate the processes that drive everything from customer experience to employee productivity. For more videos about automation, RPA and technology, subscribe to BP3 Global's YouTube channel.