Digital Process Transformation - A Healthcare Story


Will fell while building a treehouse for his son (D'oh!). But unlike his ankle, the experience with his care provider is pain-free thanks to Digital Process Transformation.



Speaker 1:
This is Will. Will is building the tree house he promised his son. Well, he was, until he fell and hurt his ankle. He calls his healthcare provider and speaks to a patient navigator. Will is generally healthy. So after listening to him explain his symptoms and looking at his medical records, she recommends he goes to a nearby urgent care rather than the ER, and sets up the appointment for him. He arrives at the urgent care clinic. And in less than 15 minutes, he's gotten an x-ray and the all clear that nothing's broken. He's given some instructions and told, "A nurse will reach out to him with more information." Because his healthcare provider has an integrated system that can access patient information from multiple systems, his nurse is able to get an update on his ankle. And she sends him a personalized treatment plan to his phone that he receives before he gets home.

There, he can track his recovery and send questions to his care providers. This is the kind of amazing experience patients are looking for. In fact, it's the kind of experience they deserve. The core technology that builds truly connected customer experiences is a platform built on process transformation. Remember how a nurse was able to read medical records, book appointments, and immediately prescribe a treatment plan? That's what process transformation does. It gives employees efficient access to organizational assets, so they can leverage them to better serve patients, improving all our lives.

So a system that looks like this can now look like this, enabling you to automatically route and prioritize work, and integrate multiple systems into a streamlined process that makes sense. With a process transformation platform, you can answer questions like, "How are my employees performing? Where's the work? Are we getting the best results?" Because you're doing everything under the umbrella of process transformation, you have the data to explain what's happening inside your organization. Want to learn more about process transformation and what it can do for your company? We're the largest and most experienced process transformation company. From startups to Fortune 500s, we've done it all. So if you're looking for experts, you found them. BP3.