What is Intelligent Automation? RPA , Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning Solutions


Today we are looking into Intelligent Automation. We are defining what exactly Intelligent Automation is, what it does, and how you can utilize it in your business.


Speaker 1: What is intelligent automation? Intelligent automation is the comprehensive solution for digital transformation. It combines automation technologies like business process management, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide a holistic and cognitive solution to your business needs.

Basic automations can do things like open a webpage, click on a button, or maybe read a value from a cell in a spreadsheet. All very mechanical activities. A human can easily perform all these activities with a computer without really thinking. These tasks are much different from writing an email, validating a claim or understanding why two values don't match. These activities are called cognitive activities, because they require logic or thought, and they are performed by software robots. The mechanical activities are maintained in an RPA script. These are the basic interactions with documents or other systems. The cognitive activities are maintained as stand alone decision services. The AI that is used here is what makes the bot intelligent.

This artificial intelligence is maintained, tested and deployed completely independent from the rest of the bot. So even if you change RPA vendors or replace your bot with a more permanent solution, these decisions services are still used to do the heavy lifting. Both mechanical and cognitive bots have their place to perform useful automation. The difference, however, is that cognitive bots perform intelligent automation.

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