Benefits of DevOps


Watch now to learn how to implement DevOps practices into your business operations, and learn the 2 main key benefits of what it has to offer.


Krista: Thanks, Joe, for joining us today. Today we are talking about DevOps. DevOps is a big topic of conversation at all of our customers pretty much everywhere around the market. What are the benefits people are really seeing of DevOps?

Joe: Well, people see benefits in all sorts of ways but I think the two key ones I would take away are, for the most part, you're going to see a faster throughput, so your ability to get releases out into your environment in front of your customers is going to be reduced. Generally the other thing that most people are going to pick up on very quickly is a lower error rate. You're going to track your errors earlier on and so very few going to leak through into production. Even then when they do you've got a good cycle time, so you can recover from those fairly quickly.

Krista: If I was looking to implement a DevOps practice at my company how would I, what kind of skills am I looking for? What kind of skills am I trying to build?

Joe: I would say you don't need a whole lot of new skills. You've got the skills that you need probably already within your organization, but where does the word DevOps come from? It comes from development and ops, operations, stuck together and that's really what you need to do. You need to find the key developers and the key operational people who often, at the minute are gonna be working in their own silos and you have to find a way to put them together, make them work effectively together and really, they both need to take ownership of the whole life cycle. Your operation's guy is gonna be getting involved in what the developers do and vice versa.

Krista: Does that include things like making sure your operations team is included in stand-ups and QA cycles and things like that?

Joe: Absolutely, yes. You need to get them involved at the beginning. Often what we find is developers are quite good at the operational aspects but because for various reasons people have introduced silos to separate their concerns, and that's quite common, but sometimes that's now holding people back. You need to break those silos down and get people to communicating across the barriers.

Krista: Thanks, Joe, for joining us and talking to us about DevOPs. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Joe: Super. Thanks.