What is Decision Management?


Tom Wilger explains what decision management is, what to think about, and how to get started.


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Krista: Thank you, Tom, for joining us today. Today we're gonna talk about what is Decision Management. So, right off the bat, the first question, what is Decision Management?

Tom Wilger: Decision Management is really about automating operational decisions. So, when we talk about operational decisions we're thinking about decisions that an organization is making over and over again and they typically are ones that define them and differentiate them from the rest of the world. So, an airline may say, if we have a customer loyalty program, and how many miles are we gonna give a particular customer for a given flight. So, that's something if you think about a company like Southwest they have a different loyalty program than United Airlines does. So, that's basically what Decision Management is.

Krista: So, what are some steps or things to think about when people are getting started with Decision Management?

Tom Wilger: There are really two parts to it. There's, first of all, you have to understand how that decision is being made and you break it from ... starting actually at a very high level and break it down from the main decision and then you basically work down into the sub-decisions, until you get down to the very lowest level. So, that's one side of it. Then the other side of it is, actually understanding the types of information that you need in order to make that decision.

Krista: So, all the different information sources and all of the different pieces that come together and make a single decision?

Tom Wilger: Correct.

Krista: Well, thank you, Tom, for coming by and joining us today, and I look forward to talking to you more about Decision Management.

Tom Wilger: Thank you.

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