Design Thinking Workshops


Watch now to learn what design thinking workshops are, what they do, and why we should have them.


Krista- Thanks, Andy, for joining us today. Today we are talking about design thinking workshops. What they are, why we should do them, what we get out of them. So, why don't you start with what they are. What is a design thinking workshop?

Andy- So, a design thinking workshop is, basically a means by which we deliver facilitated problem-solving, right? So, the heart of design thinking is collaboration, co-creation, and it's simply the way that, we get people together, to be able to solve problems, and make decisions.

Krista- So, when I go into a design thinking workshop, what are the kind of artifacts that I'm looking to get out of it?

Andy - I guess what makes a design workshop powerful, is that they're inclusive, right? It's a lot about being able to say yes to ideas, rather than negating ideas or discussions, right? So, for instance, in a meeting, you're there to discuss. And, in a workshop, you're there to get things done, make decisions, solve problems. So, in a workshop, it's inclusive but, you also get a multidisciplinary approach. Alright, so the analogy I like to use is, you know, there are three blindfolded men, and an elephant, right? And, they're each touching the elephant. Like, one's at the back, one's at the front, one's in the middle. And, they're all describing three different animals, right? So, a design workshop is a place where people can bring their different perspectives. And, because you're saying yes, and because you're including that perspective, you're really getting to the bottom of, what animal's really being described. Cause, one person isn't gonna have the answer. So, it's that, it's that co-collaboration. It's that co-design. Another thing that you get is, is it's really highly energizing for teams.

Krista- Yeah.

Andy- It energizes your team, and it improves the creative confidence of everybody on your team.

Krista- Yes and,

Krista- Yes, and.

Krista- [Reporter] is something that I've learned from you. So, tell me more about what yes and really does for design thinking workshop.

Andy- It allows you to just kinda come up with some design ideas, right, so. So, if you're just saying no to everything to everything, you're not gonna get anywhere. Right so, I always like to think that, innovation requires space to be able to, to say what you're thinking, say, you know, just try and fail. And, if you're not doing that, then you're really just limiting yourself. And, there are so many creative people on your team, right? So, creativity is not the job of a designer. It's not the job of someone in marketing. Creativity really is something that belongs to everybody. And so, design thinking workshops are just about, democratizing creativity. So, giving everybody an ability to, come, speak their mind, share their perspective, and just throw crazy ideas at the wall, and see what sticks.

Krista- Well, I have to say, we've done some internal design workshops, and they've worked out really well for us. So, thank you for being here. And, I hope that other people will embark on the design thinking workshops with you too.

Andy- Thank you.

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