What Makes a Great Process Development Team?


Is there an ideal process team? Joe Warner explains in this video. Stay tuned for Part Two!


Speaker 1: Thanks, Joe, for joining us today. Today we're talking about the ideal process team. When we start doing process modeling and process mapping, and we want to step into implementation, what is the team that we want on the ground to do that implementation?

Joe: Well, generally you're looking for developers with a very broad set of skills. Often, not always very deep technical skills in lots of areas. Breadth is usually the guiding principle. You're looking for people that have some UI capabilities, people that can do integrations in the middle, also some analysis and modeling, and ultimately there are some softer, what I would call, softer skills around project management.

Joe: I particularly look for people that have worked in a project environment, and they have an understanding of when a project manager comes to them and says, "I need an estimate." Now, some people understand that; some other people don't understand all that so well. What the project manager's really asking for is a commitment, and junior people don't always get that. I look for people that have worked in a project environment, so they get that.

Joe: The other thing that I look for is that they've got other project disciplines, typically things like source control or defect tracking. Those are key aspects that will generally come into a project at some point, and I will look for people that have those capabilities.

Speaker 1: Nice. Well, on our next video we're going to talk about training, but is there something that, before you end up training them, has to be in a person that's going to be on a process implementation team?

Joe: Yes. I'm obviously looking for people that have good communication skills. That's obviously crucial. They're going to be working with the users to gather requirements, do playbacks, and validate what it is they're working on. Those are absolutely fundamental, good communication skills; and as we said, that wide breadth of capability across the whole spectrum.

Speaker 1: Okay. Well, thanks, Joe, for joining us. Our next video is going to be about training these process people. Thanks for joining us today, and we'll see you soon.

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