Paving the Road to a Brighter Business Future: Data Analytics, Business Processes and UI Design

What we do is simple. At BP3, we improve the processes that make a business run. From bettering a customer’s interaction with a User Interface, or automating an employee’s routine decisions, to creating a single-template work management portal, each of our products and services aims to make customers happier and companies efficient.

About BP3's Products

Since 2007, we’ve provided a holistic approach to refining businesses. Your transformation journey begins after we provide you with a full-service assessment backed by data. Our Brazos Analytics platform harnesses the power of data analytics to track how customers are responding to your UI, and how well your employees are thriving or struggling with your current business processes.

Our services don’t stop there. With all of the data we’ve gathered, we then create tangible solutions to enhance your processes. We use our Solution Assessment and Design Thinking Workshops to formulate a roadmap fixing any setbacks we discover within your business interface, processes and customer relationship.

What Makes BP3 Different?

BP3 stands out in the crowded digital business operations field for several reasons. We pride ourselves on having products that are simple to use. Individuals with little to no knowledge of UI design can use our Brazos User Experience Framework to create beautiful end user interfaces with ease.

Our products bolster business processes for employees and consumers. Brazos Portal and Decision Management automate routine decisions while also creating an organized portal for employees’ to-do lists and daily tasks. Coupled with our customer-centric services including: customer data insights, journey mapping workshops, and abandonment tracking, BP3 reaches the end goal of revolutionizing your business experience from start to finish.

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Who We Serve

There’s no limit as to who we can serve. Whether a company is growing exponentially or has just come into fruition, BP3 strives to make it better while adapting to the specific field. Our products and services have helped improve businesses in the financial services, healthcare, oil and gas, government and manufacturing sectors. Whatever your business goals are, BP3 will help you succeed.