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Professional Services

Is Now the Time to Increase Automation?

This article asks the question, is now the time to increase automation? Contact BP3 Global to discover whether robotic process automation can help.

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Tuesdays with Tom - Human in the Loop

Article on a component of Intelligent Document Processing: Human in the Loop (HITL). HITL is a user interface that allows humans to participate.

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Is COVID Driving More Automation?

We've discussed this in previous posts, and here is another third-party take on COVID-driven automation BP3 Global, Inc. Contact BP3 for more...

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Video: Interactive Forms with RPA

BP3 video shows how you can leverage interactive forms with RPA in Automation Anywhere, in what they call “human-in-the-loop” (HITL): BP3 Global, Inc.

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VIDEO: Headless BPM

In this video, Carmen Galicia walks through the highlights of the benefits and challenges of going headless. Contact the team at BP3 on how to do it.

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