BPMN.io - BPMN everywhere for everyone?

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Scott Francis

I ran across this announcement on Camunda's site, linking to bpmn.io "Annoucning bpmn.io - BPMN everywhere, for everyone" - and it looks like the establishment of an open source effort to provide lightweight modeling of BPMN 2.0 diagrams on the web.

BPMN 2.0 is an established global standard for modelling business processes. It allows you to visualize business processes, thereby making them easier to capture, discuss and change. Through its well defined file format, it also enables you to exchange modeled diagrams freely across compliant modeling tools. In short: It is a great way to communicate processes.

To leverage the full potential of BPMN the standard must be available to everyone. Everybody should have the possibility to model BPMN with a great usability and every developer should be able to use BPMN diagrams in his or her application. With bpmn.io we build a toolkit that aims accomplish nothing more than this.

Because we believe free and easily accessible tools can make the difference, bpmn.io will be open source and free to use for everyone.

It appears to be a collaboration between Zalando and Camunda, but we'll have to wait for details as so far there is only one post on the subject! Still, sounds intriguing.? I can't tell yet if this is going to be something competing with Signavio, or rather something leveraging similar open-source roots.

Another post, on Camunda's blog, perhaps sheds more light:

Marcus Zieger, Director of Enterprise Systems at Zalando explains the motivation: ?For a company with strong growth, clearly defined processes play a major role. We already successfully work with camunda in the automation of our order processing and with this project would like to include our requirements directly into the development of a powerful modeling tool. In addition, we appreciate the innovative nature of the open source community and want to actively support it.?

Jakob Freund, Managing Director at camunda adds: ?Our core product camunda BPM is already available open source and we?ve had very good experiences with this approach. With bpmn.io we want to - on the one hand - promote process modeling with BPMN further by providing a convenient tool free of charge. On the other hand, bpmn.io will be constructed modularly in a way that enables any interested person familiar with HTML to develop completely new solutions around BPMN.?

Something to keep an eye on, perhaps! Maybe I can get an update when I see Camunda out at bpmNEXT in a few weeks.

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