Recapping CamundaCon: What you'll learn and where to watch

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Krista White

Two weeks ago I had some time to watch CamundaCon live. It was broadcast live from Berlin so in my early morning hours I got to catch a lot of the content. If you aren’t as early a riser as I was you can watch the whole conference recording here.

Of course Camunda started big with a keynote from CEO Jakob Freund. Jakob started by talking about Camunda’s client success stories, of course. The most exciting of which is that Camunda is used by NASA on the new Mars Rover! 

Beyond the exciting customer use cases, Jakob kicked off the conference with the key themes of CamundaCon, or what I would call the key themes of Automation. Why do we automate? 

  1. To transform legacy infrastructure
  2. To Align Complex Stakeholders 
  3. To increase developer productivity 
  4. Ensure scalability and resilience 

Jakob articulated the need for Camunda in clear terms there. He made arguably one of the best points I have heard about Automation and that is that every company is a software company and developers are a finite resource. If you think about it, every bank in the world says they are a technology company, they happen to be a technology company with a lot of money, but they are a technology company all the same. What do technology companies need in an infinite way? Developers. How do you account for the scarcity of developers? You need to make them more efficient through the use of platforms like Camunda. 

Another theme of CamundaCon was to start small, get the quick win, then go after the big ROI. Daivish Shah of Atlassian had a good review of this and how Atlassian evaluated Camunda and then implemented it to manage back-office billing. 

The end to end implementation was interesting but the systematic approach to evaluation of the project and how Atlassian increased agility with containerization was really the meat of the program. 

There is so much great learning from others that were part of CamundaCon. I highly recommend you take a look at the recordings. They can be watched at double speed which is helpful when you have a 20 minute break in the day.

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