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Enterprise User Design | Design Thinking and User Experience Design

BP3 Design Thinking Experts and User Experience (UX) Practitioners specialize in helping clients deliver successful, engaging, and useful applications for RPA and Automation solutions. When you incorporate the Design Thinking Process and UX Design expertise into your Robotic Process Automation and Intelligent Automation programs you accelerate success. Whether your new application goal is to drive internal efficiencies, enable new services, or faster market growth, success is driven by the function, usability, intuitiveness, and user experience of the end product.

BP3 Global Enterprise Design Services provides the experience, methodologies, and best practice guidelines for clients who understand that the most impactful automation solutions are delivered through a design process that considers the technology, user needs, actions, and impacts of the business and the users.  

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Get Started with a Design Thinking Sprint!

Work with BP3 enterprise design to help you and your team get started on a program of Intelligent Business Process strategy incorporating the benefits of design thinking. We offer a Design Sprint which is a five day, expert led process for validating ideas and solving big challenges through prototyping and testing ideas with your team. Design sprints dramatically improve the probability that the design of any new business solutions will be successful.

Join BP3 Global for a Free Design Thinking Workshop!

Getting aligned might be the biggest benefit to a design thinking workshop but also gaining early buy-in from executive leadership helps get every project off the ground. Design thinking workshops engage a variety of hands on techniques to encourage creative problem solving and innovative thinking. The structured activities of a workshop create an environment that overcomes political barriers and where all members feel heard. That means stakeholders get aligned behind the BEST solution. We offer workshop facilitation services to enable discovery and ideation, and week-long design sprints that catalyze innovation.

What is User Experience (UX) Design vs. User Interface Design?

When most people hear the term User Experience, they often think about the user interface, which is one essential part of the overall User Experience Design.  For example, the user interface may include the aesthetic appearance of the device, response time, and the content presented to the user.

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Enterprise User Design | Design Thinking and User Experience Design

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