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Revolutionizing Citizen Services and Operations

The public sector landscape continues to feel the pressure of change. The demands from both the public, employees as policy makers and regulators are requiring further modernization and digitalization.

Citizens and employees alike have become increasingly digitally native, which requires newer and faster forms of interaction. At the same time, policy makers and regulators expect public sector organizations to be able to provide transparency and be more adaptable to change.  

BP3 has supported public sector organizations across different regions to transform and digitalize its processes to be able to meet these pressures head on. With its broad experience in process automation, BP3 has supported its public sector customers to: 

   Improve productivity and collaboration
   Increase adaptability and transparency
   Drive further optimization and innovation

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Scaling Change with Process Orchestration

A key component to realizing these benefits for public sector organisations has been the adoption of process orchestration at scale, driving change within government services, from social welfare programs to tax management and healthcare services.

By automating and streamlining workflows, process orchestration minimizes manual tasks and connects systems across functions, departments, and inter-agency, ensuring citizens receive efficient and seamless service.

Process Orchestration is also key for further automation with Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. It can provide context to data and interactions, that is key to being successful with Artificial Intelligence. 

The BPMN Approach

One of the key benefits of process orchestration is that it relies on the process modeling standard BPMN 2.0. The key benefits process orchestration based on BPMN are:

  • Bridge the divide: modeling processes with BPMN can help bridge the divide between Business and IT. This common language allows stakeholders to align on how work is being done, what systems, human tasks and other end points are involved.

  • Execute and automate: this diagram can be made executable to automate the process with integrations into the required systems and endpoints like RPA bots and UIs for human tasks.

  • Optimize and innovate: process orchestration will also give insight into how process run and where optimizations and innovations can be made, further improving productivity and efficiency.

Partnering with BP3: Driving Success through Innovation

Leading government entities, including ministries of justice and federal agencies, rely on BP3 to enhance service delivery and optimize business processes. We do that with AI, Automation, and Process. And the proof, our track record speaks volumes with hundreds of successful engagements resulting in improved productivity, substantial cost savings and improved stakeholder experiences.

That's why you need a partner who defines “done” the same way that you do. Because when your business matters, your process matters.

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