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Celebrating Excellence with ABBYY MVP Award

Shiv from BP3 is now an ABBYY MVP! Recognized for his expertise in Intelligent Automation, this award strengthens BP3's leading position in the industry.

BP3 Global News: Celebrating Excellence with ABBYY MVP Award


We are thrilled to announce that Shiv from BP3 has been recognized as an ABBYY MVP, a prestigious title awarded to only eight individuals worldwide. Shiv stands out as one of just three recipients in Europe, showcasing BP3’s commitment to excellence and innovation in Intelligent Automation.

What It Means to Be an ABBYY MVP

The ABBYY MVP award highlights Shiv’s exceptional expertise and contributions to the community. This recognition not only brings personal accolades but also significant advantages to BP3 and our clients:

  • Exclusive Access: Early access to new ABBYY products and features, ensuring BP3 remains at the forefront of technological advancements.
  • Networking Opportunities: Direct connections with other top professionals in the field, fostering collaboration and shared knowledge.
  • Support and Resources: Additional resources and support from ABBYY to further enhance our Intelligent Automation strategies.

The Impact on BP3 and Our Clients

Holding the ABBYY MVP title solidifies BP3’s position as a key partner with ABBYY, benefiting our clients through:

  • Increased Business Opportunities: Shiv’s status can be a deciding factor for clients choosing BP3 over other ABBYY partners.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Strengthening our relationship with ABBYY’s Sales and Marketing teams to drive mutual success.

Join Us in Celebrating

This recognition is a testament to Shiv’s dedication and expertise, as well as BP3’s ongoing efforts to lead in the Intelligent Automation space. We are proud to have such talent on our team, driving innovation and delivering exceptional solutions to our clients.

For more details on the ABBYY MVP program and its benefits, visit the ABBYY announcement page.

Congratulations, Shiv! Your achievement inspires us all to strive for excellence and innovation.

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