Learn How Tavis Addison of Volkswagen Credit (VW Credit) increased customer satisfaction with task Automation | BP3 Driven Event

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Krista White

In Driven Episode Two Tavis Addison of Volkswagen Credit (VW Credit) reviewed how their team increased customer satisfaction during COVID with task Automation. You can view the whole interview here.

At the beginning of the interview Tavis paints the all too familiar picture of a company who is ready to focus on their customer needs but then COVID-19 hits and they didn’t just need to be ready, they needed to be operational. 

Like many financial institutions, VW Credit had to deal with hundreds of thousands of loan deferrals during the uncertain beginnings of the pandemic. Luckily, VW Credit had invested in automation and was able to quickly shift call center handled loan deferrals to an automated self service portal for customers. This enabled the call center to continue to function as a true customer centric part of the agency without overwhelming them with deferrals. 

The way VW Credit focuses on the customer experience shows through in the interview and I hope you will watch it. Tavis does a great job painting the picture of why companies should automate and where they can find ROI in Automation.

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