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Update from Imagine 2022: Automation Anywhere Launches CoE Manager

Automation Anywhere announced a new product to add to their toolkit - CoE Manager. Find out how this will impact our clients and their automation programs.

The Automation Anywhere annual conference, Imagine 2022, kicked off today in New York! It is great to be back at an in-person gathering - I’ve forgotten how energizing it is to connect with like-minded technologists and business leaders who share my passion and interest in intelligent automation.

I am fortunate to be here with several of my BP3 colleagues. At BP3, we specialize in Process Automation. Our focus means that BP3’s experts have worked with hundreds of organizations looking to start on an automation journey, enhance automation opportunities, or increase velocity.

In 2017, we established a strategic relationship with Automation Anywhere (AAI) to enhance BP3’s client service capabilities. Flashing forward to today, we are now the 2022 Automation Anywhere Partner of the Year for the Americas and have been privileged to work with some amazing clients together with AAI.

It is safe to say that we truly recognize the value that AAI’s software brings in helping our clients find a faster way to get things done. To that end, I was particularly excited about AAI’s product launch this morning where they announced CoE Manager powered by Shibumi.

Why is CoE Manager Exciting?

Even a cursory perusal of the press around Robotic Process Automation (RPA) indicates enterprise automation programs can stall or slow as they scale across the enterprise.

We see this first-hand at BP3 in the work we do with our clients. Many organizations that got off to a fast start - with well-selected and high-value initial Use Cases and a strong implementation team - have engaged BP3 for assistance to re-energize their automation programs after hitting a “slow and stall” phase following initial implementation success.

Institutionalizing an automation program presented another challenge to these organizations on a significantly different dimension. Without effective and attentive management, pipelines of new automation ideas tend to dry up, and when they do, RPA programs tend to stall.

Having had an opportunity to preview AAI’s new CoE Manager powered by Shibumi, I believe it will be a significant addition to the AAI toolset to help clients scale their RPA programs and promote RPA initiatives more broadly throughout the enterprise at the strategic level as well as at the tactical business user level.

What is CoE Manager?

CoE Manager facilitates the management of the automation life cycle through an intuitive cloud-based tool that enables:

  • Collecting new automation ideas from users across the enterprise and evaluating the potential of those opportunities.
  • Tracking automation pipeline management.
  • Managing the development life cycle of the automation.
  • Measuring automation success and ROI via effective Business Leadership dashboards.

Additionally, the tool permits the assignment and management of automations, whether created by Citizen Developers or more traditional professional developers, broadening the reach and impact of automation across the enterprise. In short, CoE Manager is a comprehensive, integrated automation management system that will replace a disparate set of homegrown, and vastly less effective, point solutions that we in the industry have developed in the absence of a comprehensive and integrated automation management system. The CoE Manager toolset is a timely and powerful addition to the AAI RPA suite of offerings. I’m excited to see how this capability can help BP3’s clients maximize the impact of their automation programs.

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