BP3 Global, Inc. Achieves Camunda Software Certified Platinum Partner Status

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Krista White

I love it when a plan comes together!

Building on our history of success with Camunda, BP3 Global is now officially a Camunda Certified Platinum Partner! Making us one of only two Camunda Platinum Partners in North America. 

BP3 Global and Camunda PArtnership image
BP3 Global, Inc.| Camunda Platinum Partner
BP3 has  been a certified partner with Camunda since 2018 and we are strong proponents of the Camunda platform and its ability to orchestrate and automate complex processes.  
Everyone at BP3 worked hard to complete training and certifications to achieve this elite status. 
For clients this new partnership level  means BP3 Global brings:
  • The highest level of certified and experienced Camunda professionals
  • Access to new products, support, and critical resources 
  • Proven experience designing and delivering solutions with Camunda

Camunda is a great company to work with. I’ve been working with  software companies as a partner for years now. In that capacity, I get to see the inner workings of various organizations and what they value. When an organization values partners what they are really saying is they value customer outcomes. 

Why do I think that? Before BP3, I worked as a product manager and one thing you constantly do in product is talk to analysts about your new features. The number one question I would hear from an analyst is “What partners do you work with to help implement this software”. The analyst knew that when there is a  strong partner community the success of the new feature or even the software was going to happen.  

At BP3 Global, Inc., we love the software and technology partners that we choose to work with. We know that a strong relationship means we can find a faster way for our clients. 

Thank you to Camunda for this Platinum recognition. 2021 has been a great year for our partnership and I am looking forward to 2022! 

Learn more about the BP3 and Camunda Partnership.

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