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BP3 Wins Camunda Innovation Partner of the Year 2023

BP3 wins Camunda Innovation Partner of the Year Award 2023 for their Intelligent Process Automation Practice. Contact BP3 for help with your processes.

Camunda-Connect-2023_Partner-Awards_Certificate_BP3-signaturesBP3, a Global Tech Services company specializing in process automation, has won the prestigious Camunda Innovation Partner of the Year Award 2023, for their Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) Practice.

With a focus on delivering a full range of automation services, BP3's IPA Practice harnesses the power of the Camunda Platform to provide seamless and efficient process automation solutions to clients across a variety of industries and geographies.

BP3's unparalleled pedigree in the Intelligent Automation space ensures that their proven experience is seamlessly assimilated into a wide range of clients, making them a valuable partner for any company looking to streamline their processes.

With their IPA practice, BP3 connects the full potential of Camunda to its customers, offering an innovative benefits-led approach to migration that makes it effortless for customers to move from Community to C7 and beyond.

Recent success for BP3 includes integrating Camunda into the core service offering of a leading UK-based IT Consulting firm, providing their team with a better way to orchestrate processes with an iterative approach. This integration is a testament to BP3's commitment to delivering the best possible process automation solutions to their clients.

"We are thrilled to receive the Camunda Innovation Award 2023 for our IPA Practice. Our team's expertise in intelligent automation, coupled with our innovative approach to migration and integration, ensures that our clients receive the highest quality process automation solutions that drive their business forward, and this has been recognized by Camunda with this fantastic award."

- Scott Francis, CEO at BP3 Global


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