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CamundaCon Recap: Camunda Customer Stories from Keller Williams

Camunda clients Keller Williams presented their solution for Smart Plans for their real estate agents. BP3 Global, Inc.

In the first track presentation of Day 1 for CamundaCon, Keller Williams presented their solution for Smart Plans for their agents. In a post by Sandy Kemsley, she captures the details of the presentation as it went live. We're proud to have been part of this project with a great joint team from Keller Williams and BP3. Jeremy Warren did a great job representing both companies in this presentation, and we couldn't be prouder to be his colleague:

"This is a great example of automating some of the processes that real estate agents use to drive new business, such as contacting prospects on a regular schedule, which would normally be done (or not done) manually. Agents can decide what tasks to do in what order; the branching logic in the model then executes the plan as specified. He also shared some of their experiences in rolling out and debugging applications on this scale." - Sandy Kemsley

Camunda is a great product for this type of creative solution that required rapid scaling as it rolled out to more real estate agents. It's also an honor to work with a great company and brand like Keller Williams, and even more so to help build something truly mission critical for their family of real estate agents.

I'm really proud of our team - they worked their butts off to deliver a faster way to build marketing plans for Keller Williams real estate agents - and this was a nice moment in the sun for the work they do. A few months ago, pre-COVID19, the team also had a chance to share what they were doing at what Keller Williams affectionately calls their Family Reunion. It's sharing your work, and getting the feedback directly that really makes these projects so meaningful.

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