Scott Francis

CEO | BP3 Global, Inc

Stories by Scott

Software Companies: No Collapse in Demand

Software companies: No collapse in demand. A big concern with the pandemic was whether demand for products & services would collapse. Contact BP3 for...

Professional Services

BP3 Celebrates 14 Years

BP3 Global, Inc. Celebrating 14 years in the business of transforming the processes of clients. Contact BP3 if you want help with improving your...

Professional Services

New Creative Space for Our Team...

BP3 Global new offices - Austin, Texas 2021 BP3 Global, Inc. Contact the team at BP3 for more information on how we can help you improve your...

Professional Services

Sandy Kemsley on RPA Acquisitions

Sandy Kemsley just covered the IBM acquisition of WDG Automation, an RPA provider. Contact the BP3 team for help with transforming your processes.

Application & system modernisation

Sharing Docker Knowledge

Our team shares some knowledge on our support site BP3 Global, Inc. Contact BP3 if you would like help improving your process through automation.

Strategic maturity enhancement

Austin to Tesla: Welcome Home!

Tesla is building a new factory in Austin. Would they consider moving Tesla HQ to Austin in the future? That would be big news coverage here in...

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