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BP3 Global Team Nominated for the Automation Anywhere Firefighter Award

BP3 Global Team was recently nominated for the Automation Anywhere Firefighter Award for responding to a customer crisis outside their everyday activities.

At BP3, our teams sometimes find that clients who are looking to get from A to B really needed to start at AA and end at C. It doesn’t happen often but sometimes we are put in a situation with a client that needs rescuing. Our team is great in these situations. They are agile, responsive, and they genuinely care. It is not often that we get to recognize this kind of work publicly but the Automation Anywhere Awards have made it happen! 

The BP3 Global team is a nominee for the Firefighter Award from Automation Anywhere. This award goes to a team that best responds to a customer crisis/situation that was outside of their everyday activities. We are honored to be nominated! 

This nomination went to one specific team but when you ask them they tell you that it was really all of BP3. Having the support of a team like BP3 behind you when you are deployed to a client gives our team the confidence to take on the big challenges.

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