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Over the years, the members of our team have recorded a number of videos for us, to explain what we do, what matters to us, and how we feel about our work.? Over the course of these videos, you can get a sense of who we are, what our priorities are. BP3 and our team have evolved and grown over the years, but one thing that has never wavered is a passion for helping our clients and doing great work.

Let me start with a short one-minute video from 7 years ago, a small part of an interview I sat down for while attending and IBM conference, where we talked about focus - something that has been central to our company from it's very earliest days:

Our more focus approach means that when our clients hire us, they are getting the absolute best at what we do, people that have put their careers into intelligent automation, a team that lives and breathes it. When you don't have our focus on intelligent automation, you can't bring the very best solutions, options, and results to your clients.

One thing I really appreciate about our business: almost every single project we do really matters for our clients.? It's really all we could ask from our clients, is to give us something that really matters so that we can hit it out of the park, it's the highest honor in our profession.

I'll share some more videos with you over the coming weeks and days - they're already available on our YouTube channel or on our resources page, but I want to add a little context to each video or video series and re-introduce you to them in the context of what we do, and in the context of the need for Intelligent Automation solutions in the here and now.

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